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Welcome to Northbrook MET

Your nearest Student Union office is on the Northbrook West Durrington Campus, room 112.


Northbrook students can also attend the University of Brighton Student Union events.

Freshers 2018

More info about Freshers' Week will be added here soon!

The Northbrook MET SU office is on the ground floor in between the canteen area and the music department. This office provides a comprehensive range of services including NUS Cards, clubs & societies information, local information, free use of fridge, kettle and microwave or just an area to come and sit down to chill out.


As a Northbrook MET student, you’re welcome to join the University of Brighton Students’ Union. Brighton SU provides a wide range of services and facilities, including sports, entertainment, shops, catering, discounts and societies. 


 Phone: 01903 273056
 Facebook: Northbrook MET Students' Union