Welcome to the Corporation pages of Greater Brighton Metropolitan College (formerly City College and Northbrook College).  The Corporation is committed to a policy of open governance and we hope that you are able to find the information you are looking for in these pages. However, please feel free to contact our Governance Adviser, Jenny Brooker, who will be happy to help with any additional information or queries you may have.  Telephone 01903 273239 or e-mail j.brooker@nbcol.ac.uk


What do Governors do?

Governors need to be committed to the College and are expected to attend all Board Meetings and an annual Strategic Conference.  In addition, there are usually two Board development events which take place each year.  Governors are encouraged to serve on one or more of the Board’s committees which also meet between three to six times a year.  Meetings generally take place on Mondays at commencing at 4.30pm.


College Governors are volunteers and do not receive remuneration.  They are appointed on the basis of their relevant skills and experience.  Governors make a positive contribution to the College with an important part to play in raising standards through setting strategic direction, ensuring accountability and monitoring and evaluating college performance.


The role of a Governor is non-executive.  Governors should be as flexible as possible in executing their responsibilities and duties, ensuring that their oversight of the College does not interfere with the day-to-day operational management of the College, which is the responsibility of the Principal.  However, Governors will be required to monitor College performance by setting targets and agreeing key performance indicators in areas including curriculum and finance.


Governors have an important role to play in promoting College interests.  This includes fostering good relations between the College and the community it serves and ensuring that the aims and objectives of the College are understood.


Governors have a genuine interest and concern in the learner experience.  This includes ensuring that the College provides an environment for all students to enjoy their time at the College, develop and succeed.


Access to Meetings

The media, staff, students and members of the public are permitted to attend Corporation and Committee meetings as observers on prior agreement with the Chair (via the Governance Adviser). The attendance of observers is subject to rulings by the Corporation with regard to confidentially, interest etc.  Please contact the Governance Adviser should you be interested in attending a meeting.


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