Ways you can notify the College of your absence:

  • Using the eNotify app
  • Using the online form
  • By text

To use the eNotify app


Go to your app store and search for eNotify by VLE

QR code for Apple download of eNotify Apple
QR code for download of Android eNotify Android
QR code for download of Microsoft eNotify Microsoft

Register with your college email address [student number]@northbrookcollege.ac.uk e.g. 36547@northbrookcollege.ac.uk . Verify your account with the access code sent to your email and you're good to go!

Or via your web browser at the following: http://enotifystudent.vlesupport.co.uk/

For the student guide please click on the icon below:

eNotify student guide graphic

By text


Text, 07950 081224 starting with ABS.

You will need to clearly leave your Name, Date of Birth, Student ID, Course and Reason for Absence. If you details are unclear or missing your absence will be recorded as unauthorised.


Pre-arranged absence request

Pre-arranged absence request form