We want you to leave college with the best results possible, and this requires attending all timetabled sessions.  Please see the table below which shows the effects of low attendance:



Impact on Completion of Courses

Impact on Achievement

Dark Green  90% - 100%  You are likely to complete & achieve your course successfully If you work hard in the lessons you should be able to get the most out of your studies
Amber 80%  – 89% You are at risk of not completing & achieving your course You are at serious risk getting one or two grades below your full potential
Red Below 80%  There is a higher risk that you will not complete & achieve your course Missing the equivalent of 1 day a week or more means you seriously risk failing your course

Unforeseen Absences

For absences that cannot be pre-arranged it is important for you to let us know and there are a 3 ways to do this:

·  Via the online absence form

·  Via text to 07950 081224 - start with Abs

·  Via voicemail to 0800 013 0266

Notification MUST be between 8am and 10 am

For all of the above services you will need to clearly leave the following details:  Name, Date of Birth, Student ID, Course, and Reason for Absence.  If any of these are missing your absence will be recorded as unauthorised.  Absences are only authorised for those reasons as detailed in College policy.

Pre-arranged absence

There may be occasions where an absence may be unavoidable.  The student must complete and return a pre-arranged absence form at least 2 weeks (where possible) prior to the absence date. 

Below are examples of absences that would be authorised:

/ A medical appointment that cannot be arranged outside College hours

/ A visit to a University to attend open day, interview or career related interview

/ A work experience placement which is an integral part of the course and for which the student does not receive a wage

/ Attendance at a funeral

/ Religious holiday

/ A driving test

The following reasons would not be authorised:

X Holidays

X Part or full-time work that is not part of the student’s programme of study

X Birthdays or similar celebrations

X Babysitting younger siblings

X Driving lessons