Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) Reviews


The QAA (Quality Assurance Agency) review report in 2016 stated that the enhancement of student learning opportunities was 'Commended'. Below are some comments:


  • “The College has a number of strengths in teaching and learning, with students valuing the knowledge and teaching skills of tutors and the opportunities to develop their employability skills.”
  •  “Employers met by the review team warmly endorsed the College's strategic vision and praised its proactive approach to employer engagement and the quality of its graduates.”
  • “The College takes care to staff its programmes appropriately: many of its teachers have industry backgrounds and a high proportion are still active, often teaching part-time. It also draws on its industry networks to bring in guest speakers for regular teaching and special events, such as the 2016 (Creative) Industry Week. Students met by the team admired and valued the professional expertise of those teaching them.”
  • “In designing and developing its programmes the College creates a work-realistic environment for its students, including engineering workshops, music studios and information technology suites.”
  • “The College also sends students out into the workplace for short visits and projects, using live briefs from businesses or creative agencies for assessment (often including notional budgets which students must allocate) and encouraging students to gain work experience. Conscious that many of its graduates will become freelance professionals or small business owners, the College promotes the development of relevant skills from an early stage in its programmes.”


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The QAA review report in 2012 stated:


  • "The extensive range of well developed and integrated employer-related initiatives available clearly prepare students for their future career or study options."
  • "Enthusiastic, inclusive and supportive approaches to teaching and learning were all identified by students."
  • "Thorough and supportive academic tutoring system based on enthusiastic, knowledgeable and committed staff."
  • "Academic work was distinctive in terms of the integration of theory and practice and the development of analytical and transferable skills."
  • "Students commented favourably on the enthusiasm, helpfulness and friendliness of both the teaching and non-teaching staff."
  • "Annual monitoring reports are thorough, evaluative and effective in bringing about improvements."
  • "Employers are impressed that the curricula  produce students of high calibre entering industry……this is a strength of the provision"