Tutor Steve Carroll with children and their murial Northbrook tutor, Steve Carroll recently visited India for the second time to teach drawing to children in slum schools. On his most recent visit, he designed a mural for a school which was then worked on and completed by the school students.


He works with an Indian church-based organisation called Emmanuel Ministries who are working to widen the opportunities available to children living in slum areas. When he re-visited some of the schools he had been to on his last visit to India, he found that children who were in danger of entering into the sex trade were no at school, in full time education or had started out in their careers.  One young boy is now working as a classical Indian dance teacher and others have plans for further education, including art college.


Whilst in the UK Steve works on images of Kolkata, India, which he sells at Art Fairs and through his website: stevecarrollssussex.com – proceeds from which go to help fund the educational projects in India.