Joanna Pond In 2013, Joanna Pond was seeking employment after raising four children.  To support her job search, Joanna enrolled at Northbrook College to boost her skill set and undertook FREE English, Maths and IT qualifications to enhance her CV.


After completing the qualifications Joanna undertook 9 months employment and when this ended she joined Northbrook College Employment Programmes in May 2013 to undertake a further course;  a two week NCFE Level 2 Business Administration qualification.


Once the course had completed Worthing JCP recommended Joanna gained some work experience, and following a successful interview at Heene Community Centre she was offered a four week placement.


Joanna’s work experience was so successful that during the third week of her placement she was offered a full time post of Administrative Assistant to commence that June.


In November 2013, the position of Duty Manager became available and Joanna was encouraged to apply for this post. She was successful in her application.


Less than a year later, in September 2014, Joanna gained a further promotion to become Heene Community Centre Manager and now mentors the new administrative assistant.


Gaining the extra skills through the courses and being able to put them in to action during work experience helped Joanna progress to Centre Manager within two years.