Outdoor exhibition Northbrook Fine Art degree students, past and present, have collaborated in an innovative outdoor sculpture exhibition at Worthing Museum.

The students exhibited their work alongside Northbrook staff in an exhibition which offered a rare chance for past and present students to work together.

Former students enhanced their previous coursework for exhibition and current students benefited from the experience of creating art for a specific venue and having the freedom to experiment with different materials and diverse ideas.

Fine Art Technician, Helen Ayling, who also had her work exhibited, said, “This was a fantastic opportunity for students to showcase their work in the beautiful outdoor area at Worthing Museum. The brief was an ‘interesting outdoor sculpture’, so the students had a broad range of possibilities to choose from – this gave them the chance to take their ideas into new directions and to experiment with their work.

“I’m hopeful that this is an exhibition slot that we will be asked to fill again next year.”