Remi Miles A former music student, known under the artist name Remi Miles is making waves in the pop world. The singer / songwriter moved over to the South Coast from Virginia, USA to study Music Performance and Music Production at Northbrook College.


At around the age of 18, he began to experiment with lyrics and melodies. Utilising the facilities at Northbrook College whilst meeting and collaborating with producers brought about a flurry of creativity, resulting in a unique and hard to pinpoint sound.


The new single, “I want you” is out now and has a catchy, 80s feel about it which is setting pop tongues wagging.  A recent Guardian article about the rising star, explained, “It’s Flyte with the soul dialled to 11; it’s Duran Duran but, you know, utterly ace.”


We wish our former student and rising star all the very best with his new record and as The Guardian puts it, we look forward to continuing to seeing “everything Remi Miles touches turn to pop gold.”