A group of Northbrook degree students have been commissioned by community group 'Adur Sea of Lights' to create artwork for their annual festival. 


The Illustration & Graphic Design students created banners, masks, flags and lanterns with a literary theme, to be used during the starlit parade in Lancing. They are also created templates for festival goers to download and create from the Sea of Lights website.


The designs included a Cheshire Cat made from a plastic bottle and sweet wrappers, as well as masks and banners inspired by the works of Roald Dahl and J K Rowling.


Illustration student Sophie Richards said, “We had to breakdown the process of constructing our work, so that other people could then re-create it through our templates.”


The Festival, which was held on 26th November, saw the streets of Lancing transformed into a giant night-time story book. Local schools, community groups and individuals took part, choosing books and designing amazing lanterns inspired by their favourite stories.


Adur Sea of Lights artwork