Sophie Richard's Illustration


A Northbrook MET Illustration degree student has been awarded a prize for best illustration by a top agency.


Second year student Sophie Richards was presented with a £100 prize by Plum Pudding illustration agency, following a brief to create character sketches and spreads for a children's picture book called 'Sylvia and Bird'.


Rather than opting for a literal interpretation of the story, Sophie chose to create the two main characters as children role-playing as a dragon and a bird. She said, "I felt that children reading the book would relate better to a human character and they'd be able to interact with the story more, especially as dressing up is something all children have done.


"When I found out that I had won I was really excited and happy - not just because of the £100 prize (although that was great), but more because I'd won the competition with my illustration. I put a lot of time and effort into my art and didn't get much recognition for that in school. The course at Northbrook MET has been amazing and I feel like I'm improving really quickly. My win was proof that someone else can see that too, which is really motivating."


The Illustration degree students dressed in purple in honour of the visit by staff from Plum Pudding, which represents clients from across the globe.


Illustration stduents with Plum Pudding