Nbcol by Jim Stephenson Northbrook College has been celebrating a record 94% success rate for students of all ages, placing it fourth in the country, in the recently published national success rate tables for last year. Northbrook is also the top college in Sussex in its results for Apprenticeships for young people, with nearly 80% finishing their qualifications in the allotted time.

This is in addition to a recent survey which shows high levels of progression amongst its students. The survey measures the number of students who, after leaving Northbrook, find employment or continue on to higher levels of education.  The results demonstrate that the prospects for Northbrook College leavers are extremely good, with 92% of full time, further and higher education leavers progressing on to education or employment in 2012/13.

The results are ahead of national trend, with the Office for National Statistics stating in a 2013 report that the number of Young People (aged 16-18) Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET) was at 1.07 million, or 14.9%.

The survey was conducted through the College’s new contact centre which provides jobs for apprentices and work experience for school leavers and individuals attending employability programmes.

Northbrook Principal Sue Dare, said, “The exceptionally good results show that Northbrook College is once again ahead of trend in developing students’ vocational knowledge and practical skills for the workplace.

“It highlights the important part that the College plays in the local economy, giving students the skills and confidence to achieve to their full potential.”