Tank Girl comic creator and ex Northbrook student, Alan Martin, met with current Northbrook Art & Design students on Worthing Pier last week to celebrate their achievements in an exhibition curated by Worthing based ‘Creative Waves’ project.


The first year Diploma students used the Pier as a starting point to develop their work using the theme ‘Elements’. Their finished work is now on display on the pier, alongside an exhibition of Tank Girl imagery. 


Tank Girl was developed while Jamie Hewlett (also co-creator of Gorillaz with Damon Albarn) and Alan Martin were studying at Northbrook.

The celebrations were followed by a viewing of a new Tank Girl display in Worthing Museum entitled ‘New Amusements’. Alan then gave an illustrated talk to the students about the development of the comic strip, which has been an on-going project for him, with new material still being developed. A small collection of Alan's comic ephemera will also be displayed at Worthing Museum until June 2017.


Nadia Chalk, co-founder and co-director of Creative Waves, said, “We designed the project to inspire students to create artwork for our annual exhibition on Worthing Pier. Having the opportunity to exhibit their work, for 12 months, alongside professional artists and designers is great for students' portfolios and highlights the benefits of creative collaborations with like-minded people. The students responded well to the brief which is clearly demonstrated in their exhibition.”


Creative Waves aims to inspire people and inject art into the community by collaborating and sharing their wealth of experience, talent & creativity.


Alan Martin Meets Students