Tim Rackham A Northbrook MET Graphic Design degree student has won the Orion Art and Design Student Competition 2017.


Year Two student Tim Rackham impressed the judges with his typographical design for a 20th anniversary book cover for modern classic novel 'The Reader' by Professor Bernhard Schlink.


Tim used EE Cummings poem 'I carry your heart with me' as inspiration for his design, reversing the type and hand carving the poem onto wood blocks. He then organised the wood block prints over the entire book jacket, in a design inspired by the Berlin memorial.


Tim said, 'I decided that a typographical solution would be best, as it creates a real link to the story. My final solution is a personal poetic response which takes imagery of love from EE Cummings poem, while also keeping a strong connection to the topic of the holocaust, creating a juxtaposition between war and love.'


Tim will have the opportunity to work with the award-winning Art Department at Orion Books and will see his design appear on a book.