Team Northbrook Racing Northbrook Motorsport students will be taking on their very own fast and furious challenge as they get ready for the car racing season.


The students from the Shoreham Airport Campus, unveiled the new livery for their 1996 Van Diemen Formula Renault racing car at a special event recently, which saw teachers, sponsors and current and past students come together to discuss the College’s Motorsport Engineering course.


Led by ITV’s British Touring Cars Championship commentator, Paul O’Neill, prospective students and parents gathered to get a glimpse of the ‘hands on’ course that has successfully landed pupils in the motorsport industry.


Former student Leon Humphrey said the course equipped him for this first job as a design engineer for Ultimate Automation Ltd. “It prepared me for working as part of a team and it gave me the skills I needed. I got a chance to get involved in a race and it helps to show how capable you are.”


Professional racing car driver Shane Kelly has helped the students learn the mechanics of the vehicle, perform maintenance and create new graphics to advertise sponsors.  Shane said Team Northbrook started out as a sprint team, but now they are taking part in championships for a full season with sponsor, Monoposto Racing Club. “We get the car to regulations for the championship. We do the testing, put it through a wind tunnel, we also design parts and draw them.”


Current student Jeremy Dimos is part of this year’s Team Northbrook Racing. He said, “Shane’s fantastic. He helps us build the car from the ground up, manages us and gets the team roles together. He has a lot of patience with us as well.”


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