Supporting Looked After Learners and Care Leavers at Northbrook College


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Getting the best out of your education


At Northbrook College we want you to achieve your potential. That’s why there is a support package available that is specifically for you. 

If there is anything that creates a barrier to your learning, we are here to help. Simply contact Learner Services for information - phone 0845 155 6060 or e-mail


Academic Support


There are a number of people you can turn to if you are struggling with your studies

  • Your Tutor: Can arrange for extra academic support to help you with your studies
  • Learning Resource Centre / Library: Hundreds of books and online resources.
  • Peer Assisted Learning: working with one of your peers to help you your tutor can help to arrange this.
  • Learner Support: Can help you with revision strategies and planning your time effectively


Academic issues don’t have to be a barrier for you

Emotional / Personal Support


Pastoral Learning Mentors / Counseling are here to help you if you have any personal issues that might have an effect on your education.  You can come and speak to us in confidence.  We can liaise with your teachers and we can refer you to a number of organisations that are designed to help you with specific issues.

Don’t keep things bottled up! If something is bothering you make sure you come to see us straight away.


Emotional issues don’t have to be a barrier for you

Higher Education (university level courses)


At Northbrook, we want all of our students to get the best out of their higher education experience. We recognise that some students face particular challenges and may have faced disruption in their school education.

If you are thinking of moving into Higher Education, we can help you make your decisions. In the first instance email

If you are a care leaver, additional support is available. To be eligible, you will be under the age of 25 and have been in Local Authority Care for three months or more since the age of 14.


You could access support services such as:

Learning Support
Disability Support
Pastoral and learning mentors
Information about accommodation


There is also Financial support for Higher Education students (see below)


Higher Education doesn’t have to be barred to you

Financial Assistance


Financial Support for Further Education students (college level courses)


Education can be expensive so at Northbrook College we provide extra financial help to learners who are in care or are care leavers.


  • If you are 18 or under at 31 st August you will be able to claim £1200 for the academic year, this is paid in installments £90 per month for 10 months and £100 per term provided you reach the college attendance targets
  • If you are 19 or over there is financial support available to you Student Financial Services will help you with this 01903 273075

Financial Support for Higher Education Students (university level courses)


If you disclosed on your UCAS application form that you are a care leaver, we will contact you to let you know what financial support you are entitled to. If you did not disclose and think you may be eligible for additional support, please contact the financial support office.


Additional financial support:

Top up bursary
Achievement bursary
Access to Learning Fund


For further information, please contact financial support:



T: 01903 273014


The cost of education doesn’t have to be a barrier for you

We do not want anything to get in the way of your success, so please come and find out more about the support that is available to you to achieve your potential.

If you need further help please contact:

Sue Pratt Designated Teacher for LAC’s and Care Leavers: 01903 273184