The College welcomes a very diverse community which includes people with physical, mental and emotional disabilities and learning difficulties, those of particular religions, beliefs or philosophical beliefs or sexual orientation, including transgender persons, and people from countries across the world with different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, speaking many languages. We also welcome people of all ages and have a special duty of care for children and young people under the age of 18 years and vulnerable adults.


We are committed to equality of opportunity for students and staff and the elimination of all forms of discriminatory or oppressive behaviour between individuals or groups. All students and staff are expected to show forethought in ensuring full respect for each other's personal dignity. Bullying, harassment, abuse or discrimination against any individual or group will not be tolerated.

The College's Equality & Diversity Committee meets at intervals throughout the year to monitor student and staff rights & responsibilities. In addition to this we also hold a Student Equality and Diversity Forum once a term.


For further details on how to join the forum, contact our Teaching & Learning Development Manager (Equality & Diversity).

Shantheni Powell, Equality and Diversity Officer



Shantheni Powell

Teaching and Learning Manager (E & D)

01903 273113


Click here to see Northbrook's Single Equality Policy

Click here to see Northbrook's Single Equality and Diversity Statement

Click here to see Northbrook's Single Equality Public Sector Statement

Click here to see Northbrook's Equality & Diversity Objectives


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Student Testimonials


Eleanor - "The enrichment activities offered alongside the course and working alongside dementia patients at guild care made me realise that I am on the right course."

Chloe - "My experience in College has helped me define what I want to do as a career in the future"

Ellie - “The tutors have been a great help to many people and always put others before themselves.”

George - “I didn’t think I’d be going to University, but thanks to the tutors on this course I am! Thank you.”

Stephanie - “Thanks for being understanding and patient this year, you are a great team of tutors!”

Malachi - “I might not be at Uni if it wasn’t for all your help and guidance while I was at Northbrook.”

James - "The staff really get to know you and support you in your creative vision."

Harry - “My College course really changed my view on education and I have learned so much and met great people. If it was not for this course I would have never applied to university.”

Chloe - “I loved this course – it is a great course! It is very creative and it has helped me to decide what I want for a career.”

Rachel - “Your support, understanding and encouragement have been so much appreciated. Thanks for all your hard work.”

Alice - “Both tutors have a great set of skills which means they can deliver each unit to a great standard and are always very helpful.”

Julian - “Thank you for being fantastic tutors and always being there when you know I’ve needed it. I'm going to miss this course so much, including my tutors and my peers who I can definitely all call my friends.”

Emily - “I would recommend this course to any who is interested in the creative medias as it gives you a good platform on which to see what profession you would like to further yourself in.”

Oliver - “I don't want to leave :'( thank you for everything. your fave student xxxx.”

Emily - "Laura and Nic have been the best tutors ever. They are always willing to guide you and lend you a helping hand when needed throughout the course. They are understating towards any pressure us as students may have throughout college as well as our personal lives (in which I am able to confined in also) and I am going to miss them greatly. Best tutors ever!”

Chloe - “It's been a good few years and it will be strange when I leave!”

Paris - “In all honesty this has been the best step forward in my course to a better future and having a career, without my Nic and Laura I would not have the confidence I have now and I can't thank them enough.”

Mitchell - “Being on a fantastic course it has helped me to see what creative things I am good at and being at Northbrook has given me the confidence to continue with my academic studies.”

Ellen - “After having health issues and not really getting much out of the school experience, Northbrook has been a revelation. I hardly ever miss a day as I am so excited to be making work and being creative. The staff at Northbrook have really given me the chance to shine, achieve and consider a career in the media”

Michael - “The highlight of my year was coming a runner up in the FE Week and Me Photography Competition. This gave me so much confidence and I would have never had this experience if it was not for Northbrook and the amazing staff here. As well as being supported in my studies by the staff, my fellow students have also been amazing and they have really inspired me with my work. Northbrook is such a welcoming, creative and exciting place to be.”