Additional Learning Support (ALS)  is available to eligible learners. A student is eligible to receive ALS if they have one or more of the following:

A statement of need – such as an Education, Health and Care Plan or Moving On Plan or a S319a.

A diagnosed learning or physical disability and/or difficulty (diagnosis must be provided from a medical professional or educational psychologist).

Access Arrangements or if they were to be assessed would be eligible for access arrangements.

ALS costs will be met by the College for government funded college level programmes. Outside classroom ALS support for university level programmes are provided directly by the DSA and can supply relevant technology during your studies.

For more information please visit the Student Finance England DSA site: . For all other programmes ALS can be provided with the costs being met by the learner/sponsor. Full details are available upon request.

Northbrook College Local Offer

Ofsted Report 2013: "Outstanding learning support ensures that students with learning difficulties and/or disabilities achieve particularly well".


If you have a learning difficulty and/or disability, we have a team of qualified staff who can work with students who have a range of additional needs. Contact the team on 01903 273076 or 01903 273008 or email


English Language
Northbrook can offer additional learning support during your course if English is not your first language. Contact the support team on 01903 273076 or 01903 273008 or email


Dyslexia / Dyspraxia
Contact us if you are dyslexic or dyspraxic or think you might be. We have a team of support workers to assist with your studies. Contact 01903 273076.


Physical Disability
The College strives to provide services to ensure equality of access. We have a team of staff who are able to support students who have physical difficulties. Contact 01903 273076 or email


Hearing Impairment
Northbrook has a team of communication support workers to help in the classroom with signing, note taking and lip reading. They will work with you to ensure access to all areas of college life. We also offer language tutorials from a qualified Teacher of the Deaf. Contact our Sensory Support Coordinator on 01903 273076 or email


Visual Impairment
The College has a Sensory Support teacher and will provide note takers and other staff to ensure that you have access to course materials. Contact our Sensory Support Coordinator on 01903 273076 or email


Autistic Spectrum Disorder
Our support team can work with you to ensure ease of transition into college and help you participate fully in college life. Contact 01903 273076 or email |


Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing
Please contact our Specialist Support Adviser on 01903 273076 or email