"The courses remain inspiring, both as training grounds for arts experts as well as a powerhouse for future innovation, debate and aspirations for the subject."

"All pathway modules have significant industry relevance ... The department has a very impressive list of alumni currently working in and for prestigious companies e.g. Royal Opera House, Glyndebourne, English National Ballet, Elstree film studios, Chichester Festival Theatre and the National Theatre. Indicative of the high regard the department & graduates of the course are held."

"The programmes at Northbrook continue to represent a commendably high level of learner engagement reflecting industry practices and striving to uphold and improve academic standards ... Most of this is underpinned by the embedding of collaborative performances with the development of students as reflective and critical practitioners. This was especially evident in the integrity of acting, stage management, lighting, set design and costume in a live performance seen as part of the Brighton Festival. The performance was excellent, students evidenced rigor and tenacity to withstand the pressures of the professional environment and market."

"The high retention and achievement rates evidenced at the Exam Board demonstrate student commitment to the courses and the very commendable support and teaching they receive from staff."

"Staff are passionate about their specialism and support to students... The Departmental infrastructure is excellent. Course teams are to be congratulated on the quality of student work, the excellent organisation and attention to detail that contribute to making these very distinctive programmes."

"Exceptional integration of industry practices, professional standards and industry links that significantly enhance individual career development, prospects and learning."

"The sustained and consistently high quality of student skills sets and creativity are evident in performance and exceptionally high production values."

"The distinctive nature of the pathways and excellent range of facilities offered attract students to study at Northbrook."